26/09/2016 Main offers personality type scholarship funding

25/07/2016 Corporate

Here at (eRowz) we provide a professional classified ad website with a lot of internet traffic. We are now offering an opportunity for a personality type scholarship funding as part of our company portfolio. This is ideal for college graduates and university students to help them reach their goals in life. Read more

For-sale's environmental commitments

19/02/2016 Corporate

Responsible and sustainable consumption is a growing preoccupation but it is also something that we want to share and integrate in our daily life in the office of
Our site allows us to give a second life to items that we no longer need and to avoid over-consumption. Read more

Newsletter #2

08/02/2016 Main

2016 has just begun but already it looks to be rich in innovation and fun!
2015 ended up on a very positive result: platforms opened in Ireland, in Brazil and even in Canada, new members joined the team, and we have brought constant improvement on our search engines. (Have a look to our first newsletter to learn more.) We wish to make the most of 2016. For a perfect start, what is better than spending two days together? Read more

Resale Christmas gifts

08/01/2016 Main
The gifts under the tree made lots of people happy in recent weeks. But also many disappointed!

  Read more


30/12/2015 Main
 The year 2015 is slowly ending and the Christmas spirit is still invading the streets, and here is an opportunity for us to give you some news from the team that are currently taking a well-deserved rest! is growing!

As explained in one of our last articles; we are constantly looking for new people to enable us to accomplish our mission: to become a reference in the second hand ads field and improve the user experience. Read more

Christmas shopping

15/12/2015 Articles
Christmas, it’s in 10 days! So if you are a little bit late and are short on inspiration, we will help you with gift ideas for every taste!
For the geeks:
  • The latest “Star Wars” has just been released and you surely know someone who is a fan of the saga. Obviously, Lego has already developed derivative products of the film, indispensable for collectors of items associated with the series. For those grown up kids, Star Wars Lego sets are the perfect gift.
  • Games consoles are probably one of the most expected gifts under the tree. The PS4 is one of the latest and one of the best ever released. Hours of fun to be had!
  • For the screen addicts and the travellers, tablets have become essential. For playing games, for taking pictures or simply for surfing the web, there are tablets adapted to every kind of application.

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Infographic- Merry Christmas

11/12/2015 Infographic

To celebrate the festive season, has reviewed the expenses generated by Christmas. How much do British People spend? What kind of gifts do they buy? Second-hand gifts are becoming part of the Christmas culture for half of British people. Saving money and finding a unique gift are the primary motivations. Read more


04/11/2015 Corporate
Thanks for visiting our blog!

Have a question, get more information or just want to say hi? Drop us a line or give us a call. Read more the blog introduction

30/10/2015 Main
Welcome to's new blog!

You probably know us through our website: , the search engine for second-hand goods. Since 2011 we have tried to support internet users in their search of bargain second-hand products. The website compares the national offers to allow the user to get the best price.  Read more

Happy halloween

30/10/2015 Main

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