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4 X Mini Pepperpot Alloys And Tyres - 4-5mm Tread

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This is an auction for 4 mini pepper pot alloys alloys come with yokohama advan sport 265/35 r20 tyres tread: tyre 1 - 3.43mm tyre 2 - 3.14mm tyre 3 - 3.57mm tyre 4 - 3.83mm call or t. Here I have a pretty 4 X Mini Pepperpot Alloys And It’s in a Used but Great Condition.  Check out my other items.  There are several Mix&Match opportunities.  Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for ...

205/50r15 89v toyo part worn 7mm & 5mm

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Very good condition tyres infact one is like new used front wheel with 130/70-12 cougar tyre has very good tread left tyre leaks air between rim and tyre , tyre needs re-seating on rim . tread depth as follows 1 tyre 3.3mm 2nd tyre 4mm 3rd tyre 5.2mm 4th tyre 4.2mm goodyear tyres cash on collection warrington area. no buckles tyres 215/45/17 1x tyre 5-6mm 1x tyre 5-6mm 1x tyre 5-6mm 1x tyre 5-6mm...


195-60 R-15 5 STUD WHEEL WITH RADIAL TYRE WITH jm-parts uk235/45/17 part worn tyre, winter tyre snow tyre dunlop cheap... This r15 tyre . It is in very good condition and Boxed. Excellent value at 29 and located in Dunfermline . Details: stud, wheel, radial, tyre, tread


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Pair dunlop tyres scootsmart rear for bmw c. The x2 street wize tyre servicing kit includes: tyre tread depth gauge x2/tyre valve tool x2/tyre pressure gauge x2/tyre valves x8. Details: / r h, pair, dunlop, tyres, evolution, front, rear, / r hsize, back

Used, Car Wheel & Tyre

Bognor Regis
Car wheel & tyre. Tyre size: 225/40zr18tyres: 1x michelin pilot sport with 6mm tread the tyre has deflated, unsure whether the tyre has a s. ford transit mk8 pickup wheel tyre ideal spare never tyre tyre size 195 75 16c bridgestone. " tyre size: 205-50-17"tyre tread: 5mmaspect ratio:89w x1 93w x1 tyre make: hankook x1 acceiera x1 michelin.

Wanted Volvo v70 spare wheel and tyre 195/60 R15

Volvo v70 spare wheel and tyre 195/60 R15 needed piaggio vespa gts front wheel just rim tyre need tyre good clean taking tyre before please items. "If there are any defects in the items i am selling, these will be clearly detailed in the listing" Details: volvo, spare, wheel, tyre, wanted, needed, soon, possible

185/55 R15 ambassador AMV2 tyre / wheel

New, never been put on. ze quality premium tyre mounting water based tyre soap 5 kg tub can aid removal fitting type tyre. 15" alloy wheel & tyre  185x65x15" contact 3 continental tyre lots of tread left on tyre.. one continental 380 85 r28 (14.9 r28) front tyre, the tyre wear percentage left is about 20% a good replacement spare tyre. This is for 185/55 R15 ambassador AMV2 . In good condition, an... Details: tyre, wheel, never, spare, maldon, essex, mark

5 off Avon CR6ZZ 175/70r15 race/rally/road tyres,

Shipping to United Kingdom
5 off Avon CR6ZZ 175/70r15 race/rally/road tyres 215/50/r17 tyre 1 - 2.6mm tyre 2 - 2.2mm tyre 3 - 3.7mm tyre 4 - 3.2mm delivery to: islands, northern ireland & scotland might. the tyres have the following treads: tyre 1 - 6.5mm tyre 2 - 7.2mm tyre 3 - 3.6mm tyre 4 - 4.6mm i have just taken these off my land rover defender w. for 2 peugeot alloy wheel tyre scuffs tyres wheel tyre tyre comes tyre ... Details: tyres, avon, crzz, porsche, triumph, volvo, healy, suitable, tread, classic

Used, Continental Continental Premium Contact 2 20

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Continental continental premium contact 2 205/55. Tyre 1 - 4.36mm tyre 2 - 3.40mm tyre 3 - 3.20mm tyre 4 - 6.63mm delivery to: islands, northern ireland & scotland might cost ex. Feel free to ask me any questions and i'll be happy to answer Details: premium, contact, tyre, normal, fuel, grip, external, rolling, noise, main

Honda Accord (2004) Set of 4 Wheels, Two with Tyre

Shipping to United Kingdom
Selling a spare set of wheels for a Honda Accord 6mm tyre cutter tyre reamer drill bit tyre puncture repairs a handy tool used to drill through and prepare the tyre before using a 6mm repair plug. this tyre has not been run under pressure or under inflated   tyre has no edge wear or damage   tyre has been inspected and pressure tested   tyre h. tyre depth: 3mm tyre make: continental crosscontact ... Details: honda, accord, wheels, tyres, spare, model, having, shed, clear, dirty

Set of 5 Ford Wheels and Six Various Worn Tyres, S

Shipping to United Kingdom
Selling a set of old Ford wheels. 1 good tyre 2 worn (one wheel has slight kink on inside of rim but doesn't let air out of tyre) 1 has no tyre  cash on collection only. the other tyre is in sound condition with a 2mm-deep cut in the tyre wall running from the edge of the metal wheel to the tyre tread. tyre description2 tyres worn,1 tyre borderline1 tyre ok (near borderline) keenly priced for a qu... Details: ford, wheels, various, worn, tyres, sure, vehicle, something, scorpio, storage

Pneumatici invernali Maxxis MA-PW 165/65 R15 81T

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Wheels cone with * continental cross contact lx sport 275/40 r22* tyres tyre tread: tyre 1 - 3mm tyre 2- 4mm tyre 3 - 2.5mm tyre 4 - 3mm for more inf. We only accept Paypal payment. We only ship to UK No combined shipping discount offered and no pick up service. Please make sure your address in Paypal is correct. If you want to change the address, please kindly contact us when you make payment We... Details: della, invernali, maxxis, ma-pw, formati, normali, semola, granoro, profumati, saporiti

Spare tyre with steel rim

Pirelli P6000 tyre off vauxhall corsa, hello and welcome , today you are looking at genuine bmw 1 series tirefit / tyre puncture repair / tyre inflator / tyre foam  kit contains :  1. Details: tyre, spare, steel, pirelli, vauxhall, corsa

Mini One / Cooper Steel Wheel & Michelin Energ

Selling my spare steel wheel , tyre size: 225/40zr18tyres: 1x michelin pilot sport with 5-6mm tread the tyre has deflated, unsure whether the tyre has a. tyre size: 225/40zr18tyres: 1x michelin pilot sport with 6-7mm tread the tyre has deflated, unsure whether the tyre has a. this tyre has one puncture repair in the middle, tyre is worn on both sides, only 1.6mm of tread on right side of tyre and ... Details: mini, steel, wheel, cooper, michelin, energy, tyre, spare, sold, longer

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